Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Day 89/365 - A Photo-less Day

There are some days, I discover, that I don't document. 
To be honest, I was not a part of this day. I crawled through work and got home, crawled into bed and have stayed there since. Sickness kept me from being in the picture metaphorically - and from taking the picture literally. 

I know A. spent a good part of the day at school. Grandpa both drove her to the bus and picked her up - thankfully, as I was able to sleep. 
I think EJ spent most of his day playing with Legos. Grandpa watched him today, while I worked - and he kept himself busy when I got home. 

Some days I'm really not in the picture. And that's okay. 
Because hopefully tomorrow will find me refreshed and feeling better. 

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