Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day 80/365 - Happy Easter!

Admittedly, I complained yesterday about having to go to church on Easter morning. I often feel like the kids are hurried through their egg hunting either before church or between church and going to Easter dinner. 
But they found all the eggs this morning and we had enough time to turn around halfway to church because we'd forgotten to bring bells. 

And, truly, Easter morning service is one of my favorites. Lots of "alleluia"s which means lots of random bell ringing - that's what our church does on Easter Sunday. We celebrate the return of the alleluias. 

And I love the Easter dressing up. 
A. has always done the Easter dress thing - and I make a point making sure that EJ is dressed nicely, too. Button downs and polos are regular church attire, so Easter demands something a bit more. 

Oh yes - he wore a waistcoat today. 

And in all, it was a great day. 
From sunrise:

All day long:

And you know what?
I was there too!

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