Friday, April 18, 2014

Day 78/365 - A Good Friday

And that was just what today was.

Family photo at the beach.  It was cold.

EJ and Tanner 
Miss A.

EJ freaking out - because there was seaweed on the beach.

Obligatory group selfie before succumbing to the cold and leaving the beach.

Book Barn adventures!

KSK got the first paddle to sell back books this morning. This is the face of pure joy:

I just like the old book press:

Fishy lunch at "Skipper's"

And finally some more Book Barn:

Sadly, at one Book Barn location, Tanner decided to stay behind and have his own adventure. Tonight is very sad for EJ, that Tanner isn't home and in bed with him, but now we have another Niantic, CT adventure to look forward to tomorrow!

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