Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 88/365 - A Moment of Reflection

No. No bathroom mirror selfies. 
Not today, anyway. 

But as I sat down to do today's blog post, I realized that I enjoy the moment of reflection that comes at the end of most days, as I compose the photo post. 
Reviewing the day's events and photos and choosing what to post has become a way in which I can be mindful of each day. 
It wasn't my intent with this project - I went into this originally to be sure to document my own presence within my life's events. But it's almost meditative now. 

And so today's photos:

EJ met a new friend at the park today. 
Yes, that's a turtle, crossing to the pond. 
And yes. He made it safely. 

There were also a LOT of bubbles today. 

And there was more knitting!
And, yes, a slight debacle with some yarn. 
(I'm still figuring out how to include myself in panoramic photos)

But even the craziest tangles come free with work and patience and a lot of laughter. 

And the laughter continues and moves on and transcends even through the bedtime rituals at home. 

And now that all are in bed and I can sit down and relax with a cup of tea, I'm happy. And I'm happy with our day. 

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