Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 85/365 - A Better Day?

Okay, to be fair, the first part of EJ's day was difficult. 
Very. Difficult. 

But we had good moments. 
We went and watched the workmen working on the road.
This, by the way, is a whacker. It's what EJ got to try out yesterday!

And I was there, too!

My favorite parts of today were watching EJ and his best friend being adorable at the mall:

and after we picked up A. from the bus. The three of us sat down to look at our options for fastpass+ on our upcoming trip to Disney World. 

I figured we could take a photo then and there - since we were sitting there like this anyway. 
Thanks, EJ, for always thinking "smile" means "stick out your tongue."

And then the Lego weapons were brought out...

As good as we got today - but it was a good evening, despite our funny faces. 

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