Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 79/365 - Twas the Night Before Easter...

And after a very full day of lovey retrieving, yard work, errand running, egg filling, and basket organizing, this mom is POOPED. 

On our way back to Niantic - I convinced Grandpa that he wanted to take a drive. I couldn't bring myself to do it again today! So, instead, I knitted.

EJ was thrilled to be reunited with Tanner (on the left). Banana Bob (on the right) came down with us for moral support. 

Once home, EJ took his little dudes for a ride. 

Then he played with Violet while we worked in the yard. 

After yard work and errand running, I put together a centerpiece to take with us to Easter dinner tomorrow. 
I'm exceedingly proud of this. 

And finally the day came to this. 
A. went to a hockey game, so we didn't get to the family photo until late. But it was a needed break for her, I think. She was much more patient and affectionate towards EJ when she got home. 

I love these kids so much. 


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