Monday, April 14, 2014

Day 74/365 - Enter the Teen Years.

Today, my elder child turned 13. 

A teenager. 

I am the mother of a teen. 

We won't even begin to broach the whole "only five more years" thing. 
I'll break down into ugly crying. 

My baby girl. 

This was us 13 years ago today. 

This is us tonight. 

We had a good day - it would have been great but we got stuck in so much traffic that we spent a total of about five hours in the car today. 
Five hours. 
There was a LOT of traffic. 
We only went to the mall. 

A. wanted a birthday Build-A-Bear. 
It's kind of a tradition. 

So two birds with one stone (an actual benefit to close birthdays!) 
and they both got a birthday treat at BABW and enjoyed the new Lego store!

Wall of loose bricks!

EJ made friends with the folks who work there. 

And we all just had a nice afternoon together. 

On the carousel. 

And then we went to dinner. 
Birthday dinner!!

A. got the long board she's been asking for!

And EJ gave her a Golden Girls jewelry box. So much perfect!

And by the end of the day, everyone was still happy. 

Snuggles and laughs and photos

Happy thirteenth birthday to Miss A. 
And a very happy day for us all!

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