Thursday, April 17, 2014

Day 77/365 - Quick and Easy!

Today was kind of busy for me - which meant we ate a quick supper of pizza:

and I was tired enough that I just let the technology entertain them. Yes. I know. Bad mom. 

But I had to be at church tonight. Alone. No kids. So A. babysat her brother. And I left them like this. Watching a movie. Peaceful. Which is not their natural state of being. 

I left. 

I was in my car, turning the key in the ignition, when I realized there was the possibility someone might be asleep by the time I got home. 
How would I get our family pic???

I can't even begin to explain this photo. 
I just offer it up to the world with love. 

This is my 6:30pm on a Thursday face. 
And I don't think the kids (upon whom I am laying) even noticed my presence. 

But I was there!!

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