Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day 82/365 - Today Has Been a Day

EJ's first trip of the year to the [local] playground today. Lots of fun. 

And look who else was there:

Did I mention the tons of fun?

And that bouncy motorcycle thingy?
This is what happens when I try to do a selfie with him while he's playing on it:

I'm pretty sure I got socked in the nose during all that. 

Lots of fun, though, meant that someone did NOT want to leave the playground. 

And that was the turning point of today - making the rest of the evening interminably long. 

L. O. N. G. 

I think today is written right across our family photos. 

I love this girl. And I'm super proud of her - she woke up smoothly on her own this morning!

And then the monster saw we were taking a photo...

When the thumb came near my mouth, I declared it almost bath time. Ew. 


Which brings us here. 
To this. 
This photo is our evening. 
One thousand words. 
Right here. 

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