Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Day 69/365 - It's Good to be from Connecticut Today!

Disclaimer - we're not huge sports fans in this family. We do enjoy local minor league baseball games. I like college basketball. But we're not so into it all that we'd even think to make brackets for March Madness. In fact, of the three of us, I may be the only one who knows what March Madness is. 

But two days ago, the UConn men's team won the NCAA tournament. And last night, the UConn women's won, too. (Just to recap - in case you're living under a rock - or not in CT)

Our little state is proud. 

The Huskies did this double title thing in 2004 - and they've now repeated, ten years later. 
And Moe's (a quick service burrito place) - at least, all the Moe's in CT - celebrated the double win with a $1 burrito offer all day. 
I am a sucker for a Moe's burrito. 

So, that was my big plan today. 

EJ and I did almost five solid hours of playground/skate park today:

And A. had an early dismissal today. 

So - after park and school, it was WELCOME TO MOE'S time!

Well, once we got in the door. Yeah - that's A. at the end of that line out there (I was parking the car). 

And through the rest of the line. 

And please note - neither kid likes burritos. Both had a cheese quesadilla. 

But I do. Did I mention that?

Oh, heavenly burrito. 

And rather than a family selfie tonight, I'm choosing these not exactly flattering photos of us eating. Because this was our day - really. Or, at least, a part of it. And we weren't eating all crowded together within the same frame. And as much as I wanted us to all be photographed together with our $1 burritos, the reality of our lives is that my kids prefer cheese quesadillas (wtf?). 
But we eat our real preferences and make silly faces while we do it. And I'd rather that reality be the basis of our memories (most of the time!). 

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