Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 73/365 - REALLY?

This is what's going on around me right now. My favorite spot to sit and take a selfie has been invaded. 
I'm going to try again (they aren't noticing!)


EJ finally noticed after this one. 
Three times the charm?

I shouldn't complain, though. I stayed sitting after our family selfie so I could post. They both stayed to snuggle while playing on their phones (which they haven't had today - A. was at a play and I keep EJ's away from him most of the time.). 
Tomorrow A. becomes a teenager. 
How did that happen??

Yesterday, we were like this:

And today, we're like this???

I haven't aged. How has she??

While I deal with my little crisis here, I leave you all with our today photos (the real ones!):

EJ with his palm (for Palm Sunday) and a mouth stuffed with bread and butter. 
Cuz that's how he preps for church. 

And our official "today's photo"
The last one before I officially have a teenager. 

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