Friday, February 7, 2014

Day 8/365 - If at First You Don't Succeed.

We attempted to have our photo taken with EJ's fried ice cream today. 

The flames made the photo - as did EJ, A's arm, and my hand and chest. So did an ice water and an empty soda cup. 

Take 2 - another ussie!

I'm beginning to like these the best. We even got A. to almost smile!

Actually, I got the best reaction when I got her to laugh at my foolishness. (I thought she had an arm tattoo in the first take of this photo. It was her brother's hair. Please note my lack of glasses in these photos!)

I'm beginning to look forward to, rather than dread, family photo time.
After all, these people are so much more precious than the flames on a fried ice cream! 

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