Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 6/365 - Another Snowstorm

Another snowstorm this morning meant that we're all home together again today. 

It also meant an afternoon of shoveling. 
My coat was left in the car yesterday - which meant I stole Grandpa's to shovel.
A. steadfastly refuses to wear a coat most of the time ("Mom! I'm fine in my hoodie!"). 
EJ happily dons snow pants, boots, jacket - if he gets to throw his entire body around in snow, he'll wear anything!
Uncle K. showed up to help shovel, as well - and then we went across the street to help one of the neighbors, too. 

Net result = I was sweaty (despite having just ha a shower); A. was cold and cranky but wouldn't admit the reason; EJ was having a blast, but had boogie running down his chin. 
And queue the family photo!

I'm not going to lie. I pretty much hate this photo of me. My hair is flat, sweaty, pushed to the side, and decidedly boyish. I'm wearing a too big men's coat. It doesn't match my [favorite] scarf. In fact, it doesn't match any of the three scarves I'm wearing. And I have no neck - as I'm wearing three scarves. 
Out in the snow is one of those times that I love taking photos of the kids, even of the dog, but I never have any of me. But this year -

This year, there will be snowy photos!

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  1. And where are your mittens young lady?!?! But don't ya just love the free workout....A looks FAB of course. Ahhhh to be a teen again...