Monday, February 17, 2014

Day 18/365 - Last Night, I Dreamed.

I woke up this morning in tears.

I'd dreamt that I was taking photos of my family - and that my mother was there, fussing about not wanting to be in any, that she didn't look nice that day. I gave her a huge hug and told her she was beautiful and that I just wanted a photo with her. 
Then I woke up. 

My mother passed away nearly twelve years ago. She was sick, but no one expected her to go so suddenly. 
And after she passed, we realized how few family photos she was actually in. 
I have a photo of her and I at my brother's high school graduation and one four years later at A.'s baby shower. She died a year later. Those are it now. 

I can't even find a digital copy of the baby shower photo - though I did find these:

So today I tried to focus on some mother-daughter photos, in addition to our family photos. 
And sending them out into the universe as a hug to my own mother.

Yeah - that would have worked, had my son not felt an irrepressible need to never be left out...

and, okay, if I took better group selfie photos with the new camera.
Because, yes.  This photo was supposed to be of all three of us.

I think my angle was off?

Seriously - I could NOT figure out how to do this with a big hulking camera!

A. finally took the camera from me.  Can you tell how exasperated she is above?
One shot.  She did this in one take.  My daughter is brilliant.

She also then had my camera.  The day off from school.  And me driving all around.




  1. Kylie, look at your face. Your mother is in every single picture you take.

  2. WOW. The fancy camera was amazing - but you are right - your daughter captured the moment of the three of you beautifully. Those photos are beautiful. Something about a REAL camera! You may want to get a remote button to make the selfies easier? I've seen them but haven't tried. And it is interesting that you started this project not thinking about your own mother - but she had the same issue and now you are righting the situation. I will dig in my pics, see if I have one of you and your mom. So sorry :(