Sunday, February 9, 2014

Day 10/365 - 73 Times the Charm?

Yes. 73 photos today and this was the best one of all of us. 

(Really, that's more a commentary on my poor selfie skills than anything else.)

Had a great talk with a sales person at one of my favorite stores today. All about body image and letting go of our hang ups - it seemed to (indirectly) speak to the reason I'm doing this project. 

We're all our worst critics. I walked into that store looking for something to mask my arm flab. I hate it. And I hate seeing it in photos. Her response was to then start a long conversation about how hyper critical and hyper observant we are to our own flaws while simultaneously oblivious to those of others. 
She was good. 
I knew this - she's previously sold me on bras that I would never have bought without her encouragement (which, by the way, are now my favorites). 

But, really, who else is staring at my arm flab?  

Probably just me. 

And if no one else is focusing on my flaws - in person or in photos - then why am I so hung up on masking them?  After all, I know they're there. 
So why am I so hung up on not being in the picture? My happy - a smile, a dimple, a twinkle in my eye - shines through my photos. Not my flaws. 

I say this based on the feedback I've gotten so far on our photos. 

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  1. They say to expose that which you are actually most embarrassed, because then it doesn't show as much.