Sunday, February 23, 2014

Day 24/365 - Ladies' Man

We didn't do a family photo today. Chalk it up to both A. and I being too tired when we got home - and me not thinking of it earlier. I got a couple of cute photos of each of us with EJ, though.

And we ARE his girls. 

Watching Brave at the birthday party

And, yes, he demanded his jammies be changed before bed, in favor of his woolie pants - woolies are much more comfortable!

Snuggling before bed

As our project continues, I'm realizing how difficult it is to make sure we're all in the photos - after all, someone has to take the photos!  My favorite photos are, inevitably, the candid photos I snap of both children - separately or together.  However, I'm learning, at the same time, to appreciate my own presence in the pictures.  

I may not have gotten a photo of myself with A. today, but so long as those are the exceptions, rather than the rule, I'm okay with that.  Sometimes I can be happy with being outside of the picture - especially when the photo captures the sweetness of their relationship on its own.

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