Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 14/365 - I'm Too Tired to Be Clever

No. Really. 
Shoveling exhausts me - and puts me in a lot of pain, aggravating both my arm and my neck and shoulder on the other side. 
So I'm not clever today. 
In fact, I've gone to bed and told the 12yo to be in charge of the 3yo. It won't end well. But I'll be asleep. 

There's a whole lot of snow outside - today was another snow day and tomorrow has already been canceled as well. 

Stir crazy. 

Within two hours of waking. 

Today was also my dad's birthday. 
There were brownies. 
And brownie batter.
And a whisk. 

And so, while my children run wild downstairs*, coming down from their chocolate dessert high, I leave you with this gem:

* they're actually just playing Lego Harry Potter on the Wii, but to this tired mama, they may as well be running laps. 

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