Monday, February 3, 2014

Day 4/365 - Reluctancy in the Face of a Snow Storm

There is snow.  And there will be more snow.
Which means - no school.

We're home, vegging, and slowly going stir crazy.

What to do for homebound distraction:

The Family Selfie.
aka The Ussie.

Don't mind the Christmas card wreath in the background. We're still loving on all the love!
I learned a few things in the few moments it took to wrangle this photo (and its numerous outtakes).

  1. EJ's priorities put finishing yogurt over taking a photo with his mom.
  2. When given a few spare moments before taking a photo, I preen, trying to figure out the best angle for my round face.
  3. When actually taking the photos, I completely forget which angle it was I preferred.
  4. A is completely comfortable to lounge around the house in an unbrushed ponytail and hoodie, but when a photo is involved...
  5. The face on the right is one of pure reluctance.
  6. Natural, laughing faces always trump stiff family photos - even when involving camels.

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