Sunday, March 30, 2014

Day 59/365 - It's a Family Type of Love

And we just need to keep reminding ourselves of that. 

Because that love transcends all things. 

Like a magical unicorn. 

Or some other mystical pirate creature. 

Really, today was tough. The rainy day made everyone's nerves short. 
So. Short. 

And I was ready to maybe make a CraigsList ad for the littlest. 

Until he finally napped. 

Because then he became all angelic on my lap. 

Best part of the day. 

Second best was this:

Until he wet his pants, waiting for his sister to come take our family photo. 
And his shoes, socks, and shirt. 
(Because we don't do things half assed!)

What. A. Day. 

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