Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Day 48/365 - The Gang's All Here!

Well - in the photos. We're in the photos while we went about our day. 
Poor A. was at home, sleeping off her own sickness in bed. EJ and I, however, had a playdate at the Science Center - for most of the day. 

Rather than our usual posed photo, we snapped a couple of quick photos at dinner with Grandpa, too. 

I warned them if they didn't smile pretty, I'd be posting this gem on the internet. 


Lesson from today's photo taking: I prefer the more natural photos to the forced posing when we take photos at the end of the day. I just wish I could remember to get someone to take photos during our days. 
Also, I'm learning that there seem to be more people in my life who don't like their photos taken than who do. Mamas may find themselves out of family snapshots, but they're not the only photo resisters. 

Tomorrow, lots of photos!

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