Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 49/365 - A Bit of Pony Power

Today I got my My Little Pony tattoo. In support of and taking a stand against bullying, a local tattoo studio has been doing MLP tattoos and sending the proceeds to this family. It's become much bigger than they imagined (they thought it'd be about 100 tattoos over the course of the month - but it's now looking more like 3-400).
Counting down to my pony appointment was the center of my day. 

But wasn't the whole day. 

A. was at school, but EJ and I had Italian ice in celebration of the first day of spring. 

He also got some nifty sneakers (as he has lost one sneaker from all the pairs that fit him).

And then it was pony time!

Twilight Sparkle is EJ's favorite pony. 
Derpy is A's favorite pony. 
Sleeping peacefully is my favorite state of both A. and EJ. 

And tonight we had a quick photo before bed. Yeah, a staged selfie - but I'm also realizing that some days pull us all in different directions, so a nightly selfie may be the only time we have a photo opportunity. 

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