Saturday, March 1, 2014

Day 29/365 - Oops!

I spent a good amount of the day worrying I'd forget to post - but not quite enough, it seems!

A. and I woke up super early yesterday (3:30am!) to get her ready and then drive in to New York, to an 8am call for working as an extra on the FX show, Louie.  I think adrenaline helped us get through such an early morning.

She wrapped before noon - so we were home much earlier than I feared we might be.  But I'm blaming such an early waking time as why I forgot to take a full family photo at some point during the day.
I did, in fact, bring the camera everywhere we went - but only snapped photos of us individually:

Watching YouTube movies 
instead of eating lunch...

Reading fanfics on her phone 
after finishing lunch... 

Wondering why I'm constantly snapping photos and playing with the camera instead of eating my own lunch...
Actually, I was practicing focusing on a foreground object and
letting the background stay blurry.  It worked better with the
drink than it has with photos of people thus far.

Oh, and my soda.
Because, you know, diet cola.

I didn't actually snap one of myself, but a quick shot was taken by a certain daughter of mine:

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