Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 31/365 - and Liberty for All.

Thanks to a dear friend's trip east, we were pushed out of our comfort zone today.  Okay, my comfort zone.  I've been complacent to stay in Connecticut since our car accident this summer - venturing beyond an hour radius of our home very rarely.  In this area, though, it's easy to stay close to home.  It's a heavily populated area - with enough recreational options to keep us happy.
Friday's adventure, in which A. and I drove into the Bronx for her first opportunity to be in a television show, was our first time out of state.  Today, only two days later, we went further.

All the way to Philadelphia.

And even though we left around noon - and took a rather convoluted route thanks to TomTom - we arrived in time to see the Liberty Bell.

Yes, that's the Liberty Bell we're blocking!
And Independence Hall that's hiding behind that.
Thank you, Kurtis, for snapping the photo!

EJ could not have cared less about the photo.
He wanted to see the bell we'd traveled 4 hours to see.
But seriously, the real reason we went down to Philadelphia was to meet up with a friend we hadn't seen in years -

AND we got to see another wonderful friend who brought us the rest of the stuff salvaged from our car accident last summer -

It was like Christmas, getting to see two great friends in one evening!
And we got photos of everyone - we were ALL in the picture tonight.

even the back of my head...

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  1. Aw yay! Wish I could have gotten in on the reunion! Glad you had fun and the snowpocalypse was a dud!!!