Friday, May 30, 2014

Days 118-119/365 - And Again

The past week and a half have been pretty crazy for our family. My dad (Grandpa) was in the hospital twice, for a total of a week. The first visit began with an ambulance trip from golf; the second with me getting to make a 911 call instead of going to church. 
Grandpa is a rock in our family - so all that put a big stress on us all. In addition, the month of May is my busiest in terms of working. Two overlapping seasonal jobs mean that I log between 70 - 80 hours in a week. Without my dad being able to babysit, it was - again - pretty crazy. 
This, on top of a 4yo acting out because he's worried about his best buddy (Grandpa) meant...

Net result = my brain is fried. 

Grandpa is doing well. 
EJ is still pretty wild, but doing a bit better. 
A. is her usual teenaged self. 
And I fell asleep in the middle of working last night. I definitely needed the rest - but I never got around to photographing any of us. 
Guilt ensued. 
It wasn't like I'd kept myself out of any family photographs, though. I just hadn't photographed our madness. 
(Except dinner. I took a photo of dinner because bleu cheese and avocado and yum.)
I did get a snapshot of A. before school. 

She's loving braids. 

But I made sure that tonight we snapped a bunch of shots. I'm still bone tired. A is still her teenaged self. EJ is oh so EJ. 
And we documented it all. 

And the photo that best demonstrates our day:

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