Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 95/365 - A Day of Rest?

I got to say this sentence today:
"And why were you chewing on the gas pump?"

But really, today was good. 
The sunrise was lovely today:

But looking to the west at sunrise offered this lovely sky, too:

There was Cinco de Mayo goodness at lunch:

And we were both there:

Hello, burrito!

And EJ got all decked out to try his new scooter:

And then refused to scooter. It was too scary. We'll try again tomorrow?

But overall, today was low key - at least, compared to the past few days. We planted some veggies and herbs, drew with chalk on the sidewalk, cooked dinner as a family. 

And tonight, after knitting, this was us:

And this is us as we often are at the end of the day - content after a good day filled with good things. 

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