Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day 96/365 - A Routine?

It almost feels like it. 

And that routine revolves around:

Legos. All. Day. Long. 

We were both involved! 

EJ's newest build (that is, Mama builds it, photographs it, and hands it over to be played with until it's unrecognizable): a logging truck!

My build: a windmill castle. With an extra long doorknob. 

And again - this is what lots of Legos lead to...

And I have to add these photos from dinner. Because of weird scheduling this evening, we ended up dining at our favorite wings place. And EJ was in rare form. 
For a limited time only, though!

(This is what we got to dine with tonight.)

But EJ was replaced as we were getting ready to leave. His doppelgänger - secret identity (?), Raccoonie, came home with us and chose to be a part of today's family photo:

(That's Raccoonie's mask, not a BWW hat like you might think.)

Sometimes I feel badly that A. doesn't figure as prominently in our photos. However, she doesn't protest the daily family photo - and I know she's not a fan of photos. So for now, that's why our photos are the way they are (well, also she's gone at school for 10 hours a day, so there's that). Hopefully she'll be more amenable towards photos this summer. 

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