Thursday, May 1, 2014

Day 91/365 - To Everything Turn Turn Turn

Today was the last classes of the semester for me. EJ accompanied me to finish up the semester. 

It devolved. 

I also restarted my summer job this evening. 

This is my much beloved cup. I only use it in the summer, though. 

The day took a sad turn, though, when we learned of a friend's passing. My age and lung cancer are two things I was having trouble reconciling. Her two daughters, around A.'s age, now without a mother - still unimaginable, even though it's now reality. 

All this while A. works feverishly on her 13 story board (which needs to be completed in the next day).  

I was here, though. 

I was at lunch with EJ. 

And with both kids this evening as we worked on A.'s project and finishing up my classes. 

Sometimes we may not be smiling - but I really appreciated tonight's photo together. 

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