Saturday, May 3, 2014

Day 93/365 - My Baby Turned Four Today

Riddle me that one. 

He's my baby. 
He's four. 

Four years ago, this:

This morning, this:

And it was a BIG day. 

While I was at work this morning, he and A. got up and ready and Grandpa took them to the public library for a Free Comic Book Day celebration. 
Yes, our library is awesome.
There were oodles of super heroes and even some villains there for photos.
And contests.  

And EJ, my little Spider-Man fan, was terrified. When I got there, he was refusing to even go in the room. 

So this was the best photo we got. 

I wanted one of just him and Spidey. Because I was holding him, I asked to be deliberately left out. Not to hide that I was there, but because I wanted a photo of him and Spider-Man. 
And that's okay - I don't NEED to be in every photo. 

When I want to be documented, I do this:

Yes, I declared selfie time at A.'s banquet and got myself, her, and two of her friends. Boo. Yah. 
These girls are so great. 

And I got lots of photos of the evening:

EJ occupying himself. 

A demonstrating a confidence I wish I had at her age. 

A. and her class. 

A. and her class being photo bombed by our minister. 

EJ out cold in our church library.

EJ's happy birthday cupcake. 

And me with my kids. 
My thirteen year old daughter and my four year old son. 
After a day full of celebration. 

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