Sunday, July 27, 2014

Day 175/365 - Monster Jam!

Today, we did Monster Jam - as a family. 

Yes. A monster truck rally. 


It was fun!

Okay, it started out looking wet. We were sitting out in the rain before it started. 

It eventually cleared up, though - and before the show started. 
Yes. EJ loves Doritos. Mmm... MSG. 

It made me want to be a monster truck driver. 

And CRUSH things. 

EJ loved it, too. 
(He wasn't a fan of the sun, though.)

Even A. said she was glad she'd come. And not just because she read on her Kindle during intermission. 


We went with a friend and his son - who also had a great time. The telling part of the event - it was the two grown ups excitedly talking about next time as we were leaving. 

The only reason we went was because EJ had won 5 tickets from a local radio station doing a wheel spin thing at Hartford's RiverFest a couple of weeks ago. I usually roll my eyes when I chance upon ads for these things. I went to one once as a kid - indoors. It was horrifically loud and I don't think anyone in our family enjoyed it. But these were free tickets, it was outdoors, and EJ loves monster trucks. Grin and bear it. 

But this time, it was FUN. 

And it was fun for ALL of us. 💕

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