Friday, July 18, 2014

Day 166/365 - Show Me Your Duckface!

So a lot of our days, we don't do anything photograph worthy. I've noticed this trend. I'm at work, or we're just hanging out... Really, our lives are often monotonous. 
And our evening-nighttime selfies sometimes feel that way too. I've caught myself mortified a couple times when I've realized EJ's worn the same shirt two days in a row - AND I'VE DOCUMENTED IT in eerily similar photos. 
So sometimes we mix things up. I tried tonight:

Oops. I cut off the boy. 

Oops. I blocked half of me. 

Then EJ decided he wanted to take up the whole photo...

And I decided...


Someone was not amused. 

I was informed that a fish face and a duckface are NOT the same thing. 

However, this is what happened when I followed A.'s instructions:

EJ just say there quacking at us - so I photographed him as he was saying "quack!"

And yes. He managed a duckface naturally. 

As opposed to the "get the camera out of my face because I will NEVER make a duckface" face.


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