Monday, July 14, 2014

Day 162/365 - A New Adventure

EJ went to VBA tonight. 
Vacation Bible Adventure. 

To say I have mixed feelings about the enterprise is a gross understatement - but he starts full day preschool in a little over a month. It seemed like a reasonable step. Three hours a night for one week. 
He was excited until it was time for me to leave. Then there were tears and trembling lower lips. It didn't help matters that it was so loud and chaotic. For such a wild child, EJ is very sensitive to loud noises and crowds. There were both. 

I finally managed to leave and he stayed and I worried for the next three hours. Actually, I constantly checked my phone, convinced I was going to receive a call that he had to be picked up, that he couldn't handle it or they couldn't handle him. 

Of course, I was wrong. He had fun. He can't wait to go again tomorrow. 
He had so much fun that he fell asleep soon after eating a late dinner. Boom. 
He doesn't usually go to sleep so easily. 

And then... I realized I hadn't taken any photos today. 

So I quickly got these:

Zonked out EJ. 


Me and my muffin. Sleepy and in our jammies, too, but at least still conscious. 

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