Saturday, June 28, 2014

Day 146/365 - Another Day in Epcot.

I mentioned before - we all love Epcot.  So this vacation, we decided to do two days there.

Lesson #1 I learned today:
     Two days at Epcot may be a great idea, but probably not consecutively.

Lesson #2 I learned today:
     Journey Into Imagination, while staying open until 11pm for extra magic hours on certain nights, closes at 7pm on other nights.

Lesson #3 I learned today:
     Make sure Journey Into Imagination is OPEN before promising a four year old he can go see Figment's house one more time.

Lesson #4 I learned today:
     My four year old is capable of disappearing in two seconds and can run from the UK to France really fast.  REALLY fast.

Lesson #5 I learned today:
     Mary Poppins can calm even my crazed child after being hauled back across the Epcot version of the English Channel.

Lesson #6 I learned today:
     Watching my kids chilling out in a hotel room, watching cartoons together, is infinitely more soul-filling than racing to get to parks early in the morning.

I probably learned a whole lot more in the past couple of days, but I'd rather just inundate everyone with photos.

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