Friday, June 27, 2014

Day 145/365 - Everybody Loves Epcot


It's everyone in my family's favorite park. 

EJ would be happy if we spent all. day. on Spaceship Earth. 
A. loves the world showcase. 

I just love it all. I'm easy like that. 

So here's some highlights of our today:

We had a five minute wait for Soarin' this morning - the whole being at the park when it opens works. And you can tell my kids are such morning people. 

My kiddos. 
No one else was around - so I had to take it. 

Back of the boat on Maelstrom!

Family photo before we left the park. 

Our PhotoPass photographer took a selfie on my phone, too. I told her she needed to be on my blog for being so awesome!

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