Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 133/365 - Technology Foils Me Again!

Due to phone malfunctions, an excessive wait at the Apple store, and my absent brain, I only just now realized I never did a post yesterday. 
I had A. take some photos for me on her phone, but I've yet to get them from her. 

Today was a photo-filled day!
Father's Day. 
Lots of photos of the kids with Grandpa. 
Some photos of me, mostly with the EJ. 
I apparently failed, however, at including myself in any photos with my father. 

EJ and Grandpa. 

A. and Grandpa. 

Even photos of me playing catch with EJ in the RockCats outfield, with a whole lot of other kids with their dads. 

So tomorrow my quest is to get a photo of me with my dad. 

Even if it's one of our quick selfies!!

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