Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Day 191/365 - Adventures!

Today was a day of adventures!

We started the day at the park - first looking for creatures in the marshes. 

Hello, froggie!

And then some time at the skate park. EJ enjoyed getting some scooter time in and A. finally got to try out the skateboard she got for her birthday. 

Yes. I knitted. 

From there, we ventured into new territory for all of us - we went to a berry farm and picked blueberries!

A. has never liked fruit. She'll eat bananas, but that's it. Today she actually tried a couple of blueberries. She's not exactly a fan, but she TRIED them. That, in itself, was HUGE!

Here they are, picking berries. 

EJ's own blueberry stash - he was adorably proud of them!

Me holding up the three pounds of blueberries we picked (and EJ's because he was taking the photo). 

I'll be honest - at first I cringed at this photo of me. It's not the most flattering. 
BUT - it's me. 
And it was taken by my very enthusiastic 4yo. 
And, well, blueberries. 
So, instead of hating, I've chosen to love it.💕

A. was very done with the berry picking adventure by then and hiding in the car, so no matching photo of her. 

I did, however, get her to agree to these at the berry farm:

And, finally:


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