Saturday, August 16, 2014

Day 190/365 - Being In The Moment

On Wednesday, we started a cold turkey approach to screens. It's worked so far, I think, but it's also resulted in me feeling guilty pulling out my phone. 
So, uhm, we've skipped photos. 
We have, however, had lots of fun playing. Sensory activities have become huge - and lots of park time. 
A. is away for the weekend, camping. 
I've been working long days. 
EJ has been spending time at the skate park with Grandpa. 

Tonight, though, I allowed the phone to take some funny photos before bed. Enjoy!

I don't know why he needed his ankle in that photo. 

And I can't quite explain this one, either. 


This was EJ's favorite of mama. 

Thanks, kid. 


More aaaaa. 

And cheese. 

Being in the present and avoiding screens seems to be working to relieve not only temper tantrums from the 4yo set, but stress on mama's part. 


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