Sunday, October 26, 2014

Day 195/365 - Autumnal Adventures!

I took so many photos today. I took a LOT of the kids:

(trunk or treat after church this morning)

(getting lost in a corn maze)

(ignoring me)

(demonic, with alpacas)

(waiting for a hayride)

I even took some selfies:

But I'm happy to announce that we got family shots with GUSTO. Not only were random strangers willing to snap a photo when asked, we had a couple of people offer to take some for us, too. And, you know, our ubiquitous group selfies...

Picking out our pumpkins after church. 

About to start our first ever corn maze!

Being flying monkeys. Kinda?

On a hayride. 
It was cold. And A. pretty much hates that I've restarted this project. 


And we even had FUN today, too!

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